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Banana – Sugar

Sugar bananas can be known as Fig bananas or Lady finger bananas. Unlike the typical banana, the sugar bananas are fatter and much shorter than the common ones. Sugar bananas are generally 2.5cm in diameter and 10cm long. As the name suggests, this type of banana is far sweeter than the common banana.


This variety is typically green in color then the fruit turns yellow as it ripens and is easily identifiable when it is fully ripe. This type of banana is smaller than usual, has a thin sweet skin, and is much sweeter than the average banana.

How much Sugar is contained in a Lady Finger banana?

The lady finger bananas could be a perfect substitute for all sorts of dishes since they don’t get brown when they are cut. These are naturally sweeter and smaller than the regular banana. It contains vitamin C and tastes best when it’s fully ripe.

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