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Betel is a perennial evergreen climber found throughout Sri Lanka. The leaf is the commercial product, which is typically chewed with Arecanut, slaked lime, tobacco, and other substances.

The Piperaceae family includes betel leaves, which are heart-shaped and deep green in color. “Piper betle” is the scientific term for betel leaf. Advertisement. Betel leaves are known in India as “paan leaves,” and about 15-20 million people consume them.

Benefits of Betel leaves

Reduces cholesterol levels in the blood.

It can assist in the treatment of depression.

Oral Health Is Improved

Anti-diabetic properties of betel leaves Anti-diabetic medications can have long-term adverse effects on the liver and kidneys.

Agent that kills bacteria.

Agent that fights cancer.

Aids the healing of wounds.

Asthma reliever.

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