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Jack Fruit

This is a tropical fruit and has become popular in recent years. This can be used in a variety of dishes since it has a very sweet taste. There are several health benefits of it as well. It is part of the Moraceae plant family and its outer skin is spiky which is green or yellow in color.

This type of fruit can be used as an alternative if a person is looking to include more plant-based food instead of meat in the dishes they prepare.

Ripe Vs Unripe JackFruit

It is a unique fruit since there are two completely different flavor types and this all depends on its growth as it goes from unripe to ripe.

When it’s ripe, jackfruit is a bright yellow color and it has large pods which contain seeds that can be removed from these pods as well. This yellow flesh is sweet and even the seeds are edible as well.

Although, the unripe jackfruit is an off-white color and neutral in its flavor. Since this fruit isn’t fully developed then the pods and seeds are much smaller than they would be in ripe fruit. This type can be used as a meat alternative or even in plant-based dishes.

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