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Mango – Karatha Kolomban

Popular tropical treat the mango is frequently referred to as the king of fruits. One of the most delicious mango kinds in the nation is the karuthakolamban, or Jaffna mango. The fruit’s sweet tropical aroma and distinct flavor have been enjoyed by many for years. It is primarily grown on the Island’s drier regions.

Fruit on the Jaffna peninsula is sweeter because of the region’s dry climate. In contrast, Karuthakolamban cultivated in regions of the nation with higher rainfall has a different flavor. Mango trees typically bloom and produce fruit in regions with abundant rainfall followed by dry weather. The fruit is also grown in other arid areas of the island, such as Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, and Vavuniya, in addition to Jaffna. Thusly produced karuthakolamban is dispersed throughout the nation, from north to south.

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