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Abalone mushrooms range in size from medium to huge, and have an uneven, oblong shape with a vase-like shape. The skin is ivory to white, smooth, silky, plump, and firm, with thin golden lines and holes scattered across the surface and numerous gills beneath the cap. Crisp, dense, and spongy having a meaty texture, the cream-colored flesh is crisp, dense, and spongy. Abalone mushrooms are slippery and silky when cooked, having an earthy, buttery flavor with pepper undertones.

The Black abalone mushroom’s broad cap (pileus) spreads out attractively and is light brown to black in color. Both the cap and stem are edible, with a robust, crisp texture and buttery flavor. It’s a Pleurotaceae mushroom, which means it’s an oyster mushroom. Black abalone mushrooms are high in carbs and protein, as well as niacin, which is required for healthy skin, hair, eyes, and liver, and pantothenic acid, which is needed in the human body’s energy production and fat metabolism.