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Pack Choy

Pak Choi is also known as Bok choy in the United States and Canada. It is a famous vegetable in Chinese cuisine for its sweet taste and nutritional value. Pak choi can be prepared in a number of ways according to how people prefer to taste them. The most creative ways are to make fresh salads while following a great recipe, or make a soup which gives the priority to the taste of Pak Choi to emerge, or stir frying like a good Chinese chef.

Pak Choi contains water, carbohydrates, protein, calcium, vitamin A, B6, C, D and K. Moreover, it is a vegetable that is rich in antioxidants.

When it comes to health benefits, Pak Choi has a special place as a food that contains cancer fighting properties. Apart from that, Pak Choi can help to keep a healthy heart, support the function of the thyroid gland, improve the immune system etc.