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Sri Lanka has been exporting a variety of tropical vegetables and herbs to the rest of the world because to its tropical temperature and terrain, which is ideal for a wide range of plants. The established gardening facilities, watering systems, and distributed rainfall patterns are completely conducive to the planning of such vegetable plants, in addition to Sri Lanka’s climatic advantage for vegetables, the high-yielding soils, and traditional insight passed down from generation to generation. Around eighty distinct species of vegetables are grown in Sri Lanka’s various climatic conditions or regions, produced by self-gardeners gather of gardeners. They collectively produce more veggies every year and export both fresh and processed types to a wide range of destinations across the world.

The cooler climate of the central hill regions is ideal for temperate vegetable plants such as carrots, leeks, cabbage, cauliflower, salad leaves, beet, bean, bell pepper, and salad cucumbers, whereas the lower country’s dry and wet weather conditions are ideal for non-native tropical vegetables and herbs such as green chili, red onion, pumpkin, bitter guard, sweet corn, and so on.

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