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The Tea Room: A Place for Reflection and Relaxation

Tea It’s known as the world’s most consumed drink after water. Despite it was first grown in ancient China, popularization of tea around the world mainly began during the 17th century when the British entered the trade by growing and producing tea in large scale in their colonies – especially in India and Ceylon. According to […]

The Leafy Corner: A Blog About the Wonders of Nature

LeavesLeaves are any of the principle appendages of a vascular plant stem. Usually borne laterally aboveground and specialized for photosynthesis. Leaves are collectively called foliage, as in “autum foliage”. While the leaves, stem, flower, and fruit collectively form the shoot system. In most leaves, the primary pho  Leaves are any of the principle appendages of a […]

Discovering the Delicious World of Vegetables

VegetablesSri Lanka has been exporting a variety of tropical vegetables and herbs to the rest of the world because to its tropical temperature and terrain, which is ideal for a wide range of plants. The established gardening facilities, watering systems, and distributed rainfall patterns are completely conducive to the planning of such vegetable plants, in […]

Exploring the Nutty World of Cashews

Cashew Cashew is famous all around the world – especially for the nuts they possess which come with a heavenly taste and a basket of nutrients. Cashew trees are native to Brazil although cultivations have expanded extensively to Eastern African countries, Southeast Asia, India, and Sri Lanka. Ceylon Cashew has a prominent place in international […]